Boot Camp

I run two curious little game emulators. The first is called Mame and it permits me run a bunch of antique games once written for public coin-fed consoles. The second is called Boot camp and it permits me to run games on a kooky antique dollar-fed operating system.


April Fools

I love the thinkgeek logo!

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Install Linux without burning a CD / DVD

So, I wanted to try out a new linux distro, but didn’t want to spend the 30 cents on a DVD. So, I found this great post from a red hat guy. I hope it helps out fellow geeks. All it needs is a current install of linux and grub being your bootloader. Just take the general idea to install other distros and using other bootloaders.

If you have some disk partition which you don't install to,
you can do hard disk installation.
Simply, put the ISO images into some directory on that partition,
mount -o loop FC2-i386-disc1.iso /mnt/cdrom
cp -a /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/vmlinuz /boot/FC2-install
cp -a /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/initrd.img /boot/FC2-install.img
umount /mnt/cdrom
and add entry like:
title Fedora Core 2 Installation
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/FC2-install
initrd /boot/FC2-install.img
to your /etc/grub.conf, then reboot into "Fedora Core 2 Installation".
During the install choose Hard Disk installation and point the installer
at the partition with ISOs.



Since my blog is going a little slowly for now, I’m going to link all the things I digg form here. They will mostly be computer stuff (sorry Grams).

Hope you enjoy!

The First Bootable OSx86 10.4.4 DVD

From Digg:

Right now in my hands I hold one of the first bootable OSx86 10.4.4 disks. This disk will allow anyone to install OSx86 on any SSE2 or greater machine. No, this isn’t a hoax. This disk is real.

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Gmail Talk

As some of you might have noticed, gmail now has a chat interface built right into the browser. While using gmail, you can msg people on your Google Talk list.

I’ve been playing with this for a little bit, and I think it is very convinient, EXCEPT, the difference between chat and email is that in chat, i’m expected to respond right away. So, if anyone from the gmail chat team is reading this, please please PLEASE change the window title or do something to tell me that someone messaged me. Play a song, flash, do something! If I set my status to busy, you might not want to do that, but if I’m available, please let me know that I got a message. Even if I’m not using my browser, make it flash in the toolbar, or play a sound. Doing this will steal the whole messenger market, but without it, I (and many people I know) won’t use it.



OurTunes Update

For all you itunes users out there, I give you Ourtunes – Ripper. It will traverse all the itunes shares on your local network and rip all the songs into individual directories. Run it like this:

On linux: “java -jar ourtunes.jar”

On windows: Just double click on it

You must have A java virtual machine to run this.

It is just a minor patch to the ourtunes program, but their email is dead so I can’t submit my patch, so this is my way of throwing this out to the comunity. Enjoy!