Hadoop Hacking on Yahoo! Ad Data

At the CMU Hackday we’re letting students play with an anonymized snapshot of our advertising data. (If you want access, email Jamie, sign something, and we’ll give you a key).

Basically, we have a cluster of EC2 machines running hadoop with the data loaded to play with. So, of course, I wanted to play.

Here is the README about the data

(1) "ydata-ysm-keyphrase-bid-imp-click-v1_0.gz" contains the following fields:

    0 day
    1 anonymized account_id
    2 rank
    3 anonymized keyphrase (expressed as list of anonymized keywords)
    4 avg bid
    5 impressions
    6 clicks


1       08bade48-1081-488f-b459-6c75d75312ae    2       2affa525151b6c51 79021a2e2c836c1a 327e089362aac70c fca90e7f73f3c8ef af26d27737af376a    100.0     2.0     0.0
29      08bade48-1081-488f-b459-6c75d75312ae    3       769ed4a87b5010f4 3d4b990abb0867c8 cd74a8342d25d090 ab9f74ae002e80ff af26d27737af376a    100.0     1.0     0.0
29      08bade48-1081-488f-b459-6c75d75312ae    2       769ed4a87b5010f4 3d4b990abb0867c8 cd74a8342d25d090 ab9f74ae002e80ff af26d27737af376a    100.0     1.0     0.0
11      08bade48-1081-488f-b459-6c75d75312ae    1       769ed4a87b5010f4 3d4b990abb0867c8 cd74a8342d25d090 ab9f74ae002e80ff af26d27737af376a    100.0     2.0     0.0

I like python, and hadoop streaming lets me use it for map reducing. You basically write two scripts, map.py and reduce.py which work on stdin, and stdout. Here is me making those files

mkdir money_made_rank
vim money_made_rank/map.py
<code it>
vim money_made_rank/reduce.py
<code it>


import sys
import random

for line in sys.stdin :
 line = line.strip()
 cols = line.split('\t')
 if len(cols) != 7 :
 day, account, rank, keyprase, bid, impressions, clicks = cols
 clicks = float(clicks)
 if clicks == 0 :
 bid = float(bid)
 money = clicks * bid
 print "%s\t%f" % (rank, money)


import sys
from operator import itemgetter

result = {}

for line in sys.stdin :
 line = line.strip()
 key, money = line.split('\t', 1)
 try :
  money = float(money)
  result[key] = result.get(key, 0) + money
 except :
sorted_result = sorted(result.items(), key=itemgetter(0))
for key, money in sorted_result :
 print "%s\t%f" % (key, money)

Then you should test your stuff locally. For that, we left the .gz file and I just ran :

zcat /mnt/data/ydata-ysm-keyphrase-bid-imp-click-v1_0.gz | head -n 1000 | money_made_rank/map.py | sort | money_made_rank/reduce.py

And if it spits out

1       3540.000000
2       14604.489767
3       13516.602689
4       2668.682927
5       2250.000000
6       540.000000
7       540.000000

then you’re doing it right.

If you want to run on one machine then just take out the head -n 1000. That should take about 20 minutes to chew through all the data.

Lets move to hadoop

Once it works in the piping mode, then it is very simple to just do it on the cluster. Don’t change any files, just type :

hadoop jar /usr/lib/hadoop/contrib/streaming/hadoop-0.18.3-14.cloudera.CH0_3-streaming.jar 
  -input /data/ydata/* 
  -output money_made_rank 
  -mapper money_made_rank/map.py 
  -reducer money_made_rank/reduce.py 
  -file money_made_rank/*

This will print out a whole bunch of stuff and at the end you should have a money_made_rank directory. Just print it and bask in the glory:

hadoop fs -cat 'money_made_rank/part-*' | sort -n

and it should print out :

1 14743915410.559452
2 5671857020.978109
3 3580521727.805751
4 1770068342.652887
5 1141008200.372228
6 531839794.947136
7 360624250.037246
8 266172741.734491
9 213458413.893067
10 189563018.302472

And then you can put it in a spreadsheet and make a pretty chart. Did you know half of our money comes from the #1 Search Ad?


Converting from MyISAM to InnoDB takes a long time

Wow, I didn’t think that with around 80 million rows, MySQL would take 7 hours to convert from MyISAM to InnoDB.

mysql> alter table metaward_achiever ENGINE=INNODB;
Query OK, 76756189 rows affected (6 hours 53 min 57.07 sec)
Records: 76756189  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0

mysql> show create table metaward_achiever;
| metaward_achiever | CREATE TABLE `metaward_achiever` (
  `modified` datetime NOT NULL,
  `created` datetime NOT NULL,
  `award_id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `alias_id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `count` int(11) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
  KEY `metaward_achiever_award_id` (`award_id`),
  KEY `metaward_achiever_alias_id` (`alias_id`)
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Paul Is A Nerd

Good thing I named it paulisageek.com, I’m no dork dweeb or nerd!