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So I got back to work today, and as usual ran straight to my first meeting without seeing my cube. No one dropped any hints whatsoever so when I finally got out of my meetings and went to sit down, I walked to my beautiful corner window cube and was greeted by:

And behind it, all my workly possessions:

I instantly knew it was Dave my co-worker of pranking fame. I ran over to his cube laughing and only to find it completely empty and clean… I asked our boss, and he said “Oh? No one told you? Dave quit Jan 1st. Sorry. His last day was spent packing himself and you up.”

I just stood there dumbfounded, ‘But I had just heard from Dave.’ I ran back to my cube to see when the last message I got from him was, and it was Jan 2, asking me when I was coming back from vacation. ‘Well, he could have been at home when he sent that’ I thought.

I just sighed and thought of all the fun times we had, and started unpacking the last prank he left me. About 10 minutes in, Kevin comes walking back with a huge grin on his face and tells me that Dave actually moved to another cube closer to the group he worked with. I was so relieved and complained to Kevin about his horrible prank.

Smiling and happy that Dave actually didn’t quit, I went to the sink to get some water to wash my desk (I might as well since I was totally packed). I saw Dave in the hallway! I playfully hit him in the arm for yet again pulling a great prank on me. After smiling a bit, he told me that he was now working at eBay! What??? Kevin said that he just moved. He talked about looking for jobs since he was sure he was going to be laid off, and it just happened.

My head started spinning and I worried that Kevin was pulling a prank on me about him moving cubes. It kinda made sense, since I inherited all of the ‘old employee’ stars that we had been accumulating in our group:

I joked a bit that I will have to break into eBay to wrap his whole cube in newspaper. I asked why he was here? He said that he knew I was coming back today and he wanted to see my reaction to his cube boxing.

It all made total sense. I just couldn’t believe that Dave was gone.

After watching me unpack a few of the things, he just started laughing. At that very moment, I knew that he was still a Yahoo, and that badge in his pocket didn’t say eBay on it 🙂

Him and Kevin were laughing so hard that I was duped 3 times. I told them ‘I give up’, and from here on in, I’m checking our corporate database for all personnel issues 🙂

Anyways, back to the cube box prank. My chair was boxed up:

My monitor (still plugged in through the bottom):

An my computer, which I was using the whole time on vacation, was plugged in through the back of a box:

That box was quite hot 🙂

So now I’m moved back in, is it less or more messy now?


One Response to “Best Cube Prank”

  1. David Says:

    Paul neglected to mention that the packing strategy was “1 class per box”. Meaning 1 box contained his LavaLamp; one box contained his pen-holder; one box contained garbage can – etc.

    Also – most of the boxes were the ones from his apartment move — though I did run out and have to find more!


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