Subway Card

As some might have noticed, Subway just came out with a new Point system. Doing some quick back-of-the-napkin math:

Number of Points Item Face Value $ /point
10 1 Cookie $0.49 $0.049
15 1 Bag of Chips $0.99 $0.066
20 21 oz. Drink $1.39 $0.0695
35 Mini Sub $2.69 $0.07686
50 Regular 6″ Sub or Wrap $3.69 $0.0738
75 Regular Footlong Sub or Salad $5.89 $0.0785

I had to approximate some prices, but I just arbitrarily picked a Ham Sub since it was on all 3 of the lists (mini, 6″, 12″).

So, even taking a cheep Ham sub, it is better to save up for the footlong. Especially if you want to go all the way and get a fancy footlong!

Their old “Buy 12 get 1 free”, would have converted to 60 points for a Footlong, and 36 points for a 6″ (assuming 5 points / footlong, and 3 points / 6″). So the Footlongs got a bit more expensive, but still almost comparable to the old system.


One Response to “Subway Card”

  1. SeattleOtaku Says:

    You may need to redeem any points you have left by mid-Feb. Local (Seattle) stores are saying the card is being discontinued with their latest “$2.99 subs” (six inch) ad campaign and such.If only they could be convinced to include as much veggies as shown in the pictures….

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