100% Swing in 4 years

In 2004, all 3 elected portions of the US government were Republican.

And today, in 2008, all 3 are Democratic.

Lets see what changes 🙂


3 Responses to “100% Swing in 4 years”

  1. Shotzy Says:

    Umm…I hate to burst your bubble, but the 3 branches are government are Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The Senate, House, and President are only 2 of those branches. I do hope we can put some liberal judges in the courts though. The current set are a mess.

  2. Paul Tarjan Says:

    You are 100% correct. You got my gist, and I was indeed talking about the 3 publicly elected portions of the federal government, not the 3 branches.And yes, hopefully the judicial will follow suit (as it usually does).

  3. Kevin Says:

    I predict another 100% swing in 4 years

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