Straight out of San Mateo

So Michelle messaged me at 6:00 that there was a Weird Al concert tonight! I quickly finished up my work (posting the death message for Search Builder) as she drove up to my work.

It turned out it was at the San Mateo County Fair. Yeah, a fair. Like with a booth where you can pay $1 to see a 1000 lbs. pig, a vegetable competition, and all the poorly maintained fair rides you can imagine.

The concert turned out to be in a huge shed, and it was packed! We got really crappy seats way in the back on the floor, but with me singing all the songs really loudly, it didn’t matter 🙂 I knew everyone except for “I’m in love with the Skipper”. The ending “Albuquerque” was an awesome rendition 🙂 “Do you have any lingonberry donuts?”, “NO! We’re out of lingonberry donuts!”, Do you have any Halle Berry donuts?”, “NO! We’re out of Halle Berry donuts!”.

But the best part of all, was that I got a very ‘fitting’ shirt for me:


One Response to “Straight out of San Mateo”

  1. Aaron Says:

    You are most certainly white and nerdy, Paul.

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