GTA IV too much

So, I think I’ve been playing GTA IV too much.

I was driving home yesterday, and I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a nice shinny car with a rounded hood and a silver finish. I quickly thought “Maybe I should swing my car sideways, get out and take that car instead. Then I can call Brucie for a race.” Then that little voice in my head said “Paul, you’re driving your Prius, which is pretty freaking nice, and the is no number for Brucie in your phone… oh, and by the way, THIS IS REAL LIFE”.

All of that happened in about a quarter of a second, but still kinda creepy that I thought that at first. Oh well, back to GTA IV.


One Response to “GTA IV too much”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Nonono.. not back to GTA. As you said in both your title and the first line, it’s too much! Next you’re going to have police in helicopters trying to shoot you down. How about playing more real life?! 😛

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