Flight 3 of 3 (for this week at least) ;)

I’m currently in The Big Apple for an interview but flying home shortly. Yesterday I arrived, but barely! I forgot my itinerary in the printer at home! I luckily remembered which airline I was flying with but once I arrived in New York, I had no idea what hotel I was at! I found a station at the airport with internet and I logged on to my email to find out the name and address of the hotel. Then, I was approached by someone asking if I wanted a ride – it looked a little sketchy but he provided me with a business card so I took him up on his offer. He drove me to what we thought was my hotel – a $90 cab ride!! – but then after trying to check in (with no luck), they told me I was registered at a different hotel (under the same name but at a different location). Crazy!! So after another cab ride, I finally found the place… Definitely a New York adventure.


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