From the Yellow Zebra in Budapest

Hi all,

I found an internet cafe in Budapest. Just letting everyone know I’m alive and kicking. I’ved met a ton of cousins that I haev, and suprisingly many people speak english here! My linguistics has helped a lot with me faking Hungarian. 🙂

I have 170 pictures already, but I’ll post them when I get back to the real world.

I’m having a great time here, it is a little more drab than I was expecting, but it is still very nice. This is what if must have felt like in the middle ages. 🙂

Good night and good luck.



Install Linux without burning a CD / DVD

So, I wanted to try out a new linux distro, but didn’t want to spend the 30 cents on a DVD. So, I found this great post from a red hat guy. I hope it helps out fellow geeks. All it needs is a current install of linux and grub being your bootloader. Just take the general idea to install other distros and using other bootloaders.

If you have some disk partition which you don't install to,
you can do hard disk installation.
Simply, put the ISO images into some directory on that partition,
mount -o loop FC2-i386-disc1.iso /mnt/cdrom
cp -a /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/vmlinuz /boot/FC2-install
cp -a /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/initrd.img /boot/FC2-install.img
umount /mnt/cdrom
and add entry like:
title Fedora Core 2 Installation
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/FC2-install
initrd /boot/FC2-install.img
to your /etc/grub.conf, then reboot into "Fedora Core 2 Installation".
During the install choose Hard Disk installation and point the installer
at the partition with ISOs.


Google Maps

From the registrar, I found the two greatest pictures from Google Maps:

Profanity and Crop Circles

Enjoy 🙂

Flight 3 of 3 (for this week at least) ;)

I’m currently in The Big Apple for an interview but flying home shortly. Yesterday I arrived, but barely! I forgot my itinerary in the printer at home! I luckily remembered which airline I was flying with but once I arrived in New York, I had no idea what hotel I was at! I found a station at the airport with internet and I logged on to my email to find out the name and address of the hotel. Then, I was approached by someone asking if I wanted a ride – it looked a little sketchy but he provided me with a business card so I took him up on his offer. He drove me to what we thought was my hotel – a $90 cab ride!! – but then after trying to check in (with no luck), they told me I was registered at a different hotel (under the same name but at a different location). Crazy!! So after another cab ride, I finally found the place… Definitely a New York adventure.

Flying, flying over the mountains grey.

I’m sitting here in Seattle (well Bellevue) on trip number 2 of 3 this week. I’ve got an interview with Expedia tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning!!! Are they insane? Clearly they don’t understand computer programmers hours! I can’t help but wonder if they booked my flight and accomodations with I fly back tomorrow and then am off to New York – (I’m staying in Times Square) for interview numero 3. School has been pretty busy lately! I’m trying to keep up with everything! But I’m definitely having fun exploring all these different cities. 🙂