Gmail Talk

As some of you might have noticed, gmail now has a chat interface built right into the browser. While using gmail, you can msg people on your Google Talk list.

I’ve been playing with this for a little bit, and I think it is very convinient, EXCEPT, the difference between chat and email is that in chat, i’m expected to respond right away. So, if anyone from the gmail chat team is reading this, please please PLEASE change the window title or do something to tell me that someone messaged me. Play a song, flash, do something! If I set my status to busy, you might not want to do that, but if I’m available, please let me know that I got a message. Even if I’m not using my browser, make it flash in the toolbar, or play a sound. Doing this will steal the whole messenger market, but without it, I (and many people I know) won’t use it.




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