9/11 Video

A wonderful 9/11 documentary. Leaves you something to think about.


One Response to “9/11 Video”

  1. richard s Says:

    Also, more films on 9/11…

    It seems google is hosting a lot of the 9/11 documentaries. Here’s a few of the “MUST SEE” videos. Share them with friends and family.

    The Great Conspiracy:
    If you find it hard to convince your family with Loose Change (although the evidence is documented, the narrator has such a young voice) try playing them “The Great Conspiracy” (guy in a suit behind a newsdesk).

    911 Eyewitness:
    “Eyewitness” studies video footage from September 11th and applied sciences.

    BYU Professor Steven A Jones, Feb/2006 Lecture on the WTC “collapses”:
    This is a Lecture from Brigham Young University’s Professor Steven A Jones. Jones uses physics to debunk the WTC “collapses”.

    Truth and Lies of 9/11:
    A lecture by former LAPD narcotics officer Mike Ruppert on the history of events leading up to 9/11


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