Hi all!

I went to a Calgary Flames Hockey game with the Canadian Club today! It was awesome!

We let in the first goal, but then scored 4 in a row! 4-1 was a great feeling, but the arena was quite down. Our little section was the only life to taht party. Then they got 2 goals in a row, and it was nail biting while they pulled their goalie and we got a penalty! 6 on 4! But, they couldn’t do it, and we ended up with 4-3! What a fun game. It is a totally different experience when you’re not cheering for the home team. Back in Calgary the fire goes off and everyone goes nuts on a goal. For the second goal here, we didn’t even know if it had gone in!

Pictures (and movies) will follow when I get them off my camara.


2 Responses to “GO FLAMES GO!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Go Flames Go! Have you been watching Jerome and the boys at the Olympics? Totally awesome- and so are the GIRLS! Both undefeated so far- Go CANADA Go!

  2. Paul Tarjan Says:

    Hehe, very cute Mom. I don’t have cable but I get it all on the internet. What a wonderful invention!

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