Experience 4D Cube

The Tesseract (or HyperCube) is mathematical prediction of what cube might look like in 4D Space.

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Flying, flying, over the ocean blue

I’m going to Santa Barbara this weekend on an all expense paid trip for another interview. They’re putting me up for 3 nights and feeding me too :) And then next weekend, I’m off to Washington and New York for 2 more interviews :) Everyone wants a piece of me. If nothing else, it’s a great way to see the country for free!

Desktop Earth – Gorgeous Wallpaper Generator

Desktop Earth generates very high-resolution wallpapers based on NASA’s Blue Marble Next imagery. Both online and downloadable versions are available.

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Open Letter to Students of Stanford

Dear Students of Stanford…Paul Tarjan is epic. He’s the coolest dude, like, ever, man. Befriend him now, while he’s still accessible, because he is going to be the next Stephen Hawkings, minus the weird voicebox computer and wheelchair, friends!

And trust me, even being able to say, “I knew Paul Tarjan when…” years from now, when you’re using your overpriced Stanford degree to wipe tables at a seedy dive bar- it will have been worth it, simply to meet Paul. He is a geek, but he should be their god.

Peace out.

–Megan (Used without permission)


Since my blog is going a little slowly for now, I’m going to link all the things I digg form here. They will mostly be computer stuff (sorry Grams).

Hope you enjoy!

The First Bootable OSx86 10.4.4 DVD

From Digg:

Right now in my hands I hold one of the first bootable OSx86 10.4.4 disks. This disk will allow anyone to install OSx86 on any SSE2 or greater machine. No, this isn’t a hoax. This disk is real.

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Beutiful Pictures

The universe is a very beautiful place. Check out these awesome pictures. Not awesome as the “cool” people use it, but in the real sense. It inspires awe.