This post is brought to you by the number 6 and the letter 4

Yikes it’s been awhile since I last wrote.

This quarter I’m taking: Advanced Compilers, Networking, & Computational Photography – a very interesting course looking at the future of digital cameras! For those of you who know, Advanced Compilers is taught by Jeff Ullman – yes the one and the only author of the Dragon Book! This is the first time he’s teaching a compiler course AND HE HASN’T EVER WROTE A COMPILER! CRAZY! It was funny when he told the class this.

I’m also working as a RA (Research Assistant) for one of my professors this term. I’m working under 2 guys – Yashar, building a flash application to simulate NAM files & also Martin (the coolest guy ever!), building an ethereal component for a graphical JAVA based router (CLACK). The UofC forced JAVA down my throat which I’m very thankful now!

I’ve been keeping busy with my free food things.. I even won a fondue pot at fondue night! Yahoooo. That reminds me, there’s still chocolate in the fridge!

I’ve also attended a ton of job fairs – I’ve got flashing LED pens, boring pens, tshirts, beach balls, luggage tags, rubix cubes, intel bunny suits, VMware dinosaurs, Activison juggling balls, AOL magic 8 balls and so much more!!! (do I sound like a salesperson?) Hopefully I’ll get some job offers soon! I already had one interview with D. E. Shaw, I’ve got a phone interview this week with VMware and Expedia wants to send me to Washington for an interview – but we’ll see.

Hope everything is going well – wherever you are.. you know you can make accounts and post comments (or I’ll forever keep bugging you!!). I saw on my Google Homepage that Calgary has been experiencing balmy weather! Just don’t catch up to me in temperature – I still have to brag about something.


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