Always ride your bike on the right side of the sidewalk!

Hello All,

The weather is still fabulous! I’ve heard you’ve seen some signs of winter coming.. Well here in beautiful Stanford, I’m still regularly wearing shorts although the nights are colder than I was expecting which makes for some chilly bike rides home!

Speaking of bikes, mine broke! I tried to take it on my unicycle to get it fixed but that was a crazy idea. I did manage to get it fixed (which is a really good thing since they are like a necessity here!). I also almost got 2 $150US tickets for riding my bike on the wrong sidewalk and for not stopping at a road stop sign while I was on the sidewalk! God, California laws are weird! Luckily with all my sweet-talking, the cop let me off the hook.

This week I attended some more info sessions for Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. I got 2 t-shirts – one t-shirt is all scrunched up into the coolest package ever! I got a cool Nalgen water bottle from Amazon too.

I also got a haircut!

Well that’s about it. I hope everyone had a great week!


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