Juggling balls, life, and everything in between

Hi all, sorry for the slowness.. I’ve been quite busy…

Where to start..

Wednesday night, I went to the juggling club meeting.. Wow, I thought I was good at juggling! When I got there, they were passing around 11 clubs between 3 of them and doing these incredible things! One guy was doing 9 balls all on his own.. It was just nuts! So, after a little practice, I joined in and now I can club pass! Albeit, elementary club passing, but it still worked! AND, I met 2 other unicyclist! One of them had purple hair, a purple hat, purple shirt, green pants, one yellow shoe, and one green shoe with one yellow sock and one green sock. Of course he wore the socks on the opposite shoes.. It was very cool, very nice guy. He is in his second year of computer science but he is taking a quarter off and working for Google. He might give me a ride out there. 🙂 It was soooo much fun, I got there around 7pm and left after midnight.. Man, what a fun day.

Thursday, I worked really hard looking for a job. My graphics prof, did his bachelors in Architecture and his masters there as well, but now he is in computer science.. Very cool guy. He got $2 Mil of Paul Allen’s money to go to Italy and digitize 13 statues in 25 mm resolution. The models he has are very very nice. So, I had to skip one of my classes (compilers) to go and meet with him, the nice thing about Stanford is every class is videotaped, so I just go online and I can watch the class I missed :). Anyways, I was chatting with him and I will be building an microscope that takes pictures and multiple focus depths at once. So, I have to learn a ton of optics .. but I’m working on it. I also got a free lunch out of it.

Oh! Also, the graphics prof Mark Levoy (the architect) is the guy who made the scanner for the Google book project. Cool eh?

Friday, I just slacked off, I didn’t have any class so I hung around all day. Oh yeah! I got free dinner, because I went for a unicycle through the residential area, and saw some people barbequing. So, I asked what event it was for, they said “Outdoor Education” so, I just said “Nice, I’m in the right place!”, and went and ate some food. It was vegieburgers and salads, but I didn’t mind. I listened to part of a lecture but snuck out about 10 mins in.

Also, Friday night there was a big party at the GCC, so I went early and got a free drink. I danced until about 11:30. I saw a ton of my friends, and made a few more. 99% of the people I danced with I don’t know the name of. It was fun.

And that leaved today. I downloaded GTA : SA for Bill, and now he is addicted.. he played 12 hours last night.. 😛

And that is about it.. sorry for the delay..



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