Too many video games makes a person very happy

Wow, that was fast! Geez, I don’t really have much to write about.

Finally, my parents are reading my web page!!! Who ever said you can’t teach an old do new tricks 🙂

What else has happened… well, I think I’m addicted to Fable. It is a fabulous game! I reminds me of Zelda but much better. Same kind of size quests, etc.. and a very fabulous gameplay. I have a ton of new xbox games, so I’m trying to burn through them before classes start, but I got stuck on Fable.. I hope I can still fit in time for classes between playing Fable. Just kiddding (I know I am going to get flammed by everyone now).

Also, I met a girl from northern Texas who is taking the same undergrad as I did. She also juggles and rides a unicycle! She’s only freshman. I’ll post pictures of us juggling when I get them.

Mom and Dad – Bill is riding his bike to Half Moon Bay today! Crazy guy… for everyone else, that is up a huge mountain to Alice’s Restaurant, and then back down the other side. I’m sure of it now, Bill is crazy.

Alex – I’ll have to clairify the rules for my astute (nitpicky) friends. 🙂

The update time on my blog will but the greater of :

7 – (number of comments) * 2


the time I check it (which is guarenteed to be

Good enough, or are there still loopholes?

Also, do you thing I shouldn’t post my phone number? I have 2 votes for “don’t post” so far. Any ideas?


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