Too many video games makes a person very happy

Wow, that was fast! Geez, I don’t really have much to write about.

Finally, my parents are reading my web page!!! Who ever said you can’t teach an old do new tricks 🙂

What else has happened… well, I think I’m addicted to Fable. It is a fabulous game! I reminds me of Zelda but much better. Same kind of size quests, etc.. and a very fabulous gameplay. I have a ton of new xbox games, so I’m trying to burn through them before classes start, but I got stuck on Fable.. I hope I can still fit in time for classes between playing Fable. Just kiddding (I know I am going to get flammed by everyone now).

Also, I met a girl from northern Texas who is taking the same undergrad as I did. She also juggles and rides a unicycle! She’s only freshman. I’ll post pictures of us juggling when I get them.

Mom and Dad – Bill is riding his bike to Half Moon Bay today! Crazy guy… for everyone else, that is up a huge mountain to Alice’s Restaurant, and then back down the other side. I’m sure of it now, Bill is crazy.

Alex – I’ll have to clairify the rules for my astute (nitpicky) friends. 🙂

The update time on my blog will but the greater of :

7 – (number of comments) * 2


the time I check it (which is guarenteed to be

Good enough, or are there still loopholes?

Also, do you thing I shouldn’t post my phone number? I have 2 votes for “don’t post” so far. Any ideas?


In Stanford (the greatest place on earth)

Hi all! Sorry for the long wait, but unpacking and orientation have been tough on me.. Also, if you want me to write more, you have to write back! I need comments posted. So, to that effect, I am instituting a new rule. I will update my blog no more than once per week (7 days), but for each comment from a different person (no spamming) I will remove 2 days from that. So all you need is 3 people posting to get me to update it everyday! Fair? Lets discuss it in the comments 🙂

So, Palo Alto is beautiful! I just love this place.. everyone here is very very nice.. and so intelligent! I just love it…

Today I had my orientation, so now I know what to take to graduate… and there was a free lunch, to which many professors came. I sat and chatted with the inventor of the SUN logo!. He did his PhD in 1 year under Donald Knuth. Very cool guy.

So, I’m all settled, check out the Stanford Pictures. This is my new place… It is 2 stories, the kitchen, living room, dining room and patio are downstairs, and the 2 bedrooms and bathroom are upstairs.

My roommate is Bill Scholotter, he is an Applied Physicist working at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). He is a great guy and has been very welcoming. I’ll only write good things about him here in case he reads it (just kidding Bill, you’re great).

Ask me questions in the comments fields and I’ll answer them there, or I’ll do it in the next blog post.

Thank you friends – you mean the world to me.

Well, a big thank you to all my friends! Thank you for always being there for me, thank you for laughing with me and helping me do everything.

Well, here is to a new beginning!

I’m in Palo Alto officially, I’ll post my room number and telephone once I know it. I’m staying in a hotel until Monday, when I check in and meet my roommate.

I’m famous! Thanks for all the hits (and punches)

Wow! I just checked and in 1.5 years, I have gotten over 200000 hits! Who are these people? All my visitors should start leaving messages (click the comment link), or sending me email. I like to hear from you.

Well, here is to the next 200000! *cheers*

Wings Invite (leaving for Stanford)


I just wanted to invite anyone who reads this (and knows me hopefully) to join me at Kilkenny’s (across from the University) at 5:00pm – Monday for wings and half priced drinks!! I’m leaving Fri. Sept 16 for Stanford 🙂 so it would be nice to catch up with everyone before I take off.

Out in the sun in Kelowna!

Hi all! I’m sitting in Kelowna ‘borrowing’ somebody’s wireless internet 🙂 I’m going to be back by friday at the latest. Email is the best way to get a hold of me, as that is the first thing I check as we wardrive. 🙂

Hope you guys are having fun! I am.. I beat Shelly at mini-golf! 🙂